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Women are women’s biggest problem, exhibit D: Equality in the Military.

Feminists fought tooth and nail to get women on the front lines of combat. They thumped thier chests and railed against the “sexist standard” that only men could effectively serve in the infantry. As long as women were being kept off of the front lines, feminists had something to beat their drums for. They didn’t expect it to actually work, they just hoped that they could keep beating that “anti sexism” drum forever. 

Well, it worked.

And feminists everywhere are crapping their drawers and changing their tunes now that women are allowed to die on the front lines. 

Be careful what you wish for. This is part of that “equality with men” thing that you are fighting so hard for.


Women are women’s biggest problem, not men: Exhibit C. Radical Feminism’s war on women.


"What truly worries me, though, is that far too many people seem surprised when racists like Sterling or Bundy are revealed, as if these men are closer to the exception than the rule. What worries me is that I am not at all surprised when these men are revealed for who they truly are. What worries me is that “post-racial” America is not that different from the Americas that have preceded us, and it might not ever be.”

Here are a few points that this race baiter missed:

The number one cause of death for black males is other black males.

Black women lead the league in new cases of STDs including syphillis and Chlamydia.

Black women lead the league in single parenthood.

Those children are more likely to end up in jail or dead than children from traditional families.

And all of this because blacks continue to support the same political party that historically enslaved them, and continues to do so.

This is why I consider black feminists to be the most retarded people on the face of the planet.

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